Tuyen N. Transforms with The5ers: Trader’s Journey and Insights

Explore Tuyen N. trading journey with The5ers, emphasizing self-control, risk management, and transformative insights for consistent success.”

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In a candid interview, Tuyen N, A Trader from Vietnam funded by The5ers, recently shared insights into his trading journey and strategies. Trading part-time for around eight years, Tuyen reflects on his initial struggles, key transformational moments, and the factors contributing to his success.

In the interview, Tuyen underscores the significance of self-control, risk management, and a well-defined trading plan. He acknowledges experiencing failures for the first four years but underwent a profound shift in perspective. According to Tuyen, 70% of trading success is attributed to self-control, 20% to risk management, and the remaining 10% to his unique trading strategy that involves trend lines, supply-demand analysis, price action, and intuition.

One of the major challenges Tuyen faced was the desire for quick success. To overcome this, he recommends creating a personal financial statement, allocating less than 20% of total assets to high-risk investments, and ensuring comfort during trading losses. Additionally, Tuyen emphasizes the importance of setting clear yearly and monthly income targets to provide stability during market downturns.

Tuyen N. Transforms with The5ers: Trader’s Journey and Insights

Regarding risk management, Tuyen adheres to a strategy where he spends less than 20% of his assets on Forex trading. He expresses gratitude to The5ers for creating a cooperative environment that allows him to keep his risk even lower, at less than 1%. A pivotal moment in Tuyen’s trading career was when he integrated self-happiness and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) into his mindset. This shift towards a positive outlook significantly impacted his trading performance.

Tuyen attributes his mental and psychological strength to his observation skills. Through daily meditation for 30-60 minutes, he enhances self-awareness, enabling him to observe his actions in the market objectively. For Tuyen, becoming a consistent trader revolves around understanding that his thoughts about the market are subjective and not factual. Instead of predicting the future, he focuses on self-awareness, leading to a more consistent trading approach.

Tuyen highlights his successful evaluation strategy with The5ers and advocates a “trade to survive” approach. He believes in maximizing opportunities and ensuring his presence during favorable market conditions by staying in the market as long as possible. As Tuyen N. pursues a 5% profit target to scale his Bootcamp account to $150K, his story inspires aspiring traders, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness, resilience, and a disciplined approach to trading.

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Tuyen N., a 31-year-old trader funded by The5ers, shares his insights on a transformative trading journey. After facing initial failures, Tuyen emphasizes the significance of self-control, risk management, and a disciplined trading plan. His key strategies include spending less than 20% of total assets on high-risk investments and setting clear income targets. Tuyen credits his success to integrating self-happiness and NLP into his mindset, highlighting the importance of internal focus for consistent trading.

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