How we Test

Best Prop Firm Methodology


Best Prop Firm is an online prop trading company reviews platform. We focus on reviewing the leading companies within the prop trading industry by including all the most critical facets. Our priority is to provide you with accurate information and ultimately help you find the Proprietary Trading Firm that will suit your personal requirements.


We review each Proprietary Trading Firm based on the exact same criteria to evaluate all the necessary facets of each company perfectly.


Evaluation Formula


We evaluate four critical facets of each Proprietary Trading Firm.


Reviewed Facet Explanation of Importance
Trading Conditions We meticulously assess the trading conditions of each proprietary trading firm as a crucial aspect of our evaluation process. This involves scrutinizing factors such as fees, leverage, spreads, and order execution speed. The importance lies in providing potential traders with a clear understanding of the trading environment, helping them make informed decisions. By testing and analyzing these conditions, we aim to ensure that traders can operate in a transparent and favorable setting, optimizing their potential for success in the dynamic landscape of proprietary trading.
Trading Rules We meticulously examine the terms and conditions of all proprietary trading firms, sparing you from delving into the details. Each review comprehensively covers the rules for every account type offered, ensuring even nuanced or concealed rules are brought to light for a thorough understanding of the engagement terms.
Education We meticulously evaluate the educational offerings of each proprietary trading firm as a crucial aspect of our assessment. This includes scrutinizing the quality and accessibility of educational materials, training programs, and resources for traders. The significance lies in empowering traders with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate financial market complexities. Through thorough testing of each firm’s educational resources, our goal is to ensure users gain valuable insights and tools, enhancing their trading proficiency and contributing to success in the proprietary trading landscape.
Customer Support We meticulously assess every customer support channel through firsthand interactions at different times of the day. This comprehensive evaluation covers diverse communication mediums, including live chat, social media, email, and phone. Our thorough testing ensures a comprehensive understanding of the responsiveness, effectiveness, and overall quality of customer support services across various channels, providing a holistic perspective for our assessments.



Our values


Best Prop Firm’s primary mission is to provide assistance to traders who are looking to find a reliable Proprietary Trading Firm. Our review process is built on the following facets:


  • 1. Emphasizing independence and integrity, we conduct operations with complete transparency, and our rating remains impervious to proprietary trading company influence.
  • 2. We consistently apply the same criteria when reviewing proprietary trading companies, delivering completely unbiased assessments of the most reliable prop trading companies in the industry.
  • 3. Our primary focus is transparency, assuring that our ratings are formed solely from our firsthand encounters with the proprietary trading firms being evaluated.
  • 4. As highlighted earlier, our thorough reviews are built on the firsthand experiences of our analysts, indicating that we construct the reviews by engaging in actual trades with each individual prop trading company.



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