Trader Alert: FundedNext Time Adjustment for Daylight Saving

FundedNext adapts seamlessly with GMT+3 time adjustment, ensuring a smooth trading experience during Daylight Saving Time changes.

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FundedNext adapts to time adjustment by seamlessly shifting MetaTrader server times to GMT+3 on March 11th, 2024. This alteration aims to synchronize with the Daylight Saving Time shift, ensuring consistency and accuracy in server times across trading platforms. While this adjustment is a technical modification, traders must know the implications to maintain a seamless trading experience.

Despite the server time change, all instruments’ trading hours will remain unaffected. Traders can adhere to their regular schedules, noting that the reference time will now be GMT+3, as opposed to the previous GMT+2. This continuity in trading hours aims to minimize disruptions for traders engaged in various instruments.

Trader Alert: FundedNext Time Adjustment

Traders are advised to pay particular attention to the adjustment when planning for the Maximum Daily Loss limit reset. Adapting strategies and risk management approaches to accommodate the new server time is essential for a smooth transition.

FundedNext expresses its commitment to assisting traders during this adjustment period. A dedicated support team is available to address any questions or concerns that traders may have. The firm recognizes the importance of providing reliable support to ensure traders can navigate these changes seamlessly.

Maintaining open lines of communication, FundedNext encourages traders to reach out for any clarification or assistance required. The prop trading firm prioritizes creating an environment that fosters efficient trading and responds effectively to market dynamics. By implementing these adjustments, FundedNext aims to uphold its reputation for providing its users with a reliable and consistent trading experience.

Summary Of The News

FundedNext is adjusting server times to GMT+3 on March 11th, aligning with Daylight Saving Time. Trading hours for all instruments remain unchanged, referenced now in the GMT+3 time zone. Traders are urged to adopt Maximum Daily Loss limit reset strategies based on the new server time. FundedNext emphasizes support for a seamless transition and encourages traders to contact their dedicated support team for assistance. The firm aims to ensure uninterrupted trading experiences during these technical adjustments.

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