The Funded Trader: Prioritizing Trader Payouts, Affiliate Updates

TheFundedTrader focuses on prompt trader payouts and updates affiliates. Community support appreciated during transition. Stay informed.

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After coming back, The Funded Trader prioritizes trader payouts, ensuring fairness and transparency with regular updates. They’ve already distributed 52% of active accounts. In a comprehensive message addressed to its community, the firm outlined its current priorities and provided detailed updates on its progress.

In response to recent developments, The Funded Trader has declared its primary objective as ensuring expeditious payment to its traders. Consequently, the firm has temporarily prioritized trader payouts over affiliate payouts. This realignment underscores the firm’s steadfast commitment to supporting its trading community by prioritizing the timely fulfillment of financial obligations to traders.

The Funded Trader: Prioritizing Trader Payouts, Affiliate Updates

While recognizing that this shift in focus may not entirely align with the expectations of all affiliates, The Funded Trader expressed sincere gratitude for the community’s understanding during this transitional phase. Emphasizing its dedication to fairness and transparency, the firm reiterated its commitment to prioritizing trader payouts before reinstating regular affiliate payouts.

Providing valuable insight into their progress, The Funded Trader revealed that an impressive 52% of the active accounts had already been processed and distributed before the pause in operations. The firm assured its community that it remains wholly devoted to swiftly completing the distribution of accounts and pledged to maintain transparent communication through email updates.

The Funded Trader extended heartfelt appreciation to its community for their unwavering support and understanding during this transition period. The firm encouraged members to proactively reach out with questions or concerns, reaffirming its unwavering commitment to fostering a fair and equitable process for all community members. As the situation evolves, The Funded Trader pledged to promptly provide further updates to ensure the community remains well-informed and engaged.

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The Funded Trader is prioritizing prompt trader payouts over affiliate payouts. They’ve already distributed 52% of active accounts and aim to maintain transparency through email updates. While this shift may not meet all expectations, the community’s understanding is appreciated. The firm remains committed to fairness and equitable processes for all members.

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