Rony Achieves Remarkable Milestone with The Funded Trader.

In a recent The Funded Trader interview, Rony Ngowa Ziro, a talented trader from Nairobi, Kenya, shared his inspiring journey.

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In a recent The Funded Trader interview, Rony Ngowa Ziro, a talented trader from Nairobi, Kenya, shared his inspiring journey to success in the world of trading. Ziro, who recently hit a significant milestone of $10,900 in trading profits, recounted the challenges and pivotal moments that shaped his path to success.

Rony’s trading journey began in 2018 when he was introduced to binary options. However, initial struggles and losses led him to take a hiatus. It wasn’t until the lockdowns in 2020 that he found the time to dive deeper into trading education. Ziro returned to the basics, focusing on market structure and price action, and later incorporated fundamental analysis.

Rony Ngowa Ziro Achieves Remarkable Milestone with The Funded Trader

One of the primary challenges Ziro faced was the limited capital to trade with, starting with just $100. Overcoming this hurdle, he learned the importance of risk management and disciplined trading. Ziro emphasized the significance of having a solid trading plan and the need to follow it rigorously.

“I realized I needed to start dealing with my psychology. I started by dealing with the discipline issue. If I have a trading plan and I actually set up rules, I have to follow these rules,” said Ziro during the interview.

Ziro’s trading strategy revolves around analyzing larger timeframes, such as H4, daily, and weekly charts, for market structure. He refines entries using the one-hour timeframe, focusing on price action confirmation. Simplicity is a key principle.

The musician, skilled in bass and drums, also highlighted the importance of having a clear purpose in trading, emphasizing time freedom and the ability to pursue his passion for music.

Ziro’s approach to risk management involves limiting risk to 1-2% per trade, understanding that consistency and precision are key elements for sustainable success.

Summary of the News

In a revealing interview, Ziro shared the challenges and pivotal moments that defined his journey. Starting in 2018 with binary options, he encountered initial setbacks, leading to a hiatus. The lockdowns in 2020 provided the opportunity for a comeback, with Ziro focusing on market structure, price action, and fundamental analysis. His strategy involves analyzing larger timeframes and prioritizing simplicity in entries. As a musician, Ziro values trading for its potential to provide time freedom, aligning with his passion for music. With a risk management approach limiting trades to 1-2%, Ziro highlights consistency and precision as crucial elements for sustained success.

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