MyFundedFX launches Match Trader & Offer Discount Worldwide

Discover MyFundedFX upgraded Match Trader platform with a discount and enhanced features for traders worldwide.

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MyFundedFX launches Match Trader Across All Devices and is offering Discount to celebrate this achievements. This new trading platform significantly enhances the trading experience, offering users a seamless and efficient platform. To incentivize engagement, MyFundedFX is extending a generous 20% discount on all challenges (excluding the Pro level) using the code “MARCH 20” for a limited time.

The firm has account plans available in 1-step, 2-step Regular & Pro, and 3-step options, providing flexibility for various trading strategies. In addition to its comprehensive account plans, MyFundedFX introduces a Match Trader VIP program to maximize profitability. This program offers an impressive profit split of 92.75%, enabling traders to capitalize on their trading activities. Moreover, the VIP program allows for any withdrawals, empowering traders with greater control over their earnings and liquidity.

MyFundedFX launches Match Trader & Offer Discount Worldwide

For traders seeking further enhancements, MyFundedFX offers convenient add-ons designed to optimize trading experiences. The Rapid Withdrawal feature ensures a swift 7-day payout cycle, giving traders timely access to funds. The Profit Boost option also offers an enticing 90% profit split, enabling traders to maximize their potential returns.

Furthermore, MyFundedFX’s scaling plan extends support for ambitious traders, with provisions for scaling up to $1.5 million. This feature facilitates growth and scalability within the platform, empowering traders to expand their trading activities confidently. With these advancements, MyFundedFX is committed to providing a leading-edge trading platform tailored to traders’ evolving needs. By leveraging the platform’s features and discounts, traders can enhance their trading journey and strive for greater success in the dynamic world of financial markets.

Summary Of The News

MyFundedFX has launched an upgraded version of its Match Trader platform, now available on all devices, offering traders a seamless trading experience. To encourage participation, the firm provides a 20% discount on all challenges (excluding Pro level) using the code “MARCH 20” for a limited time. The platform features various account plans, including Daily Drawdown and Balanced-Based, tailored to diverse trading strategies. Additionally, MyFundedFX introduces a VIP program with up to a remarkable 92.75% profit split and convenient add-ons like Rapid Withdrawal and Profit Boost. With support for scaling up to $1.5 million, MyFundedFX aims to empower traders to achieve greater success in the financial markets.

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