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In an interview with FundedNext, Jibriel shares insights into his four-year trading journey. Primarily focused on gold, Jibriel delves into his day trading approach, emphasizing supply and demand dynamics.

Reflecting on his crypto beginnings, Jibriel candidly discusses the hard lessons learned from a scam investment, propelling him into the world of trading. Unfazed by initial setbacks, he strategically utilizes the volatility of gold during the New York session, employing a combination of smart money concepts and supply-demand analysis.

Jibriel provides a detailed walkthrough of his trading strategy, involving the identification of demand zones and the application of the 4-hour and 5-minute time frames. He emphasizes the significance of confluences, including gaps and discounted prices, in refining his entry points. When questioned about risk management, Jibriel reveals his disciplined approach, limiting daily drawdown to 3%. He employs a unique strategy of counting pips rather than profits, aiming for fixed gains while letting runners reach new highs or lows.

Jibriel: Mastering Gold Trading with FundedNext

Focusing on continuous learning, Jibriel recommends traders immerse themselves in the market, practice diligently, and invest in knowledge. Having enrolled in various courses, including “Ultimate Price Action,” he encourages traders to find a mentor and remain disciplined in the face of psychological challenges.

Jibriel concludes the interview by sharing statistics from his FundedNext dashboard, revealing a 5% profit for the week and a risk-reward ratio of 1:4. Despite a 34% win rate, he highlights the importance of managing losses and keeping drawdowns minimal.

As Jibriel navigates the trading challenges, he expresses satisfaction with the FundedNext environment, praising its gold spread and slippage. An avid user of MT4, he appreciates the platform’s reliability. For traders seeking inspiration and practical insights, Jibriel’s journey is a testament to the value of perseverance, continuous learning, and strategic trading in the dynamic world of financial markets.

Summary Of The News

Jibril shares his gold trading strategy, emphasizing supply-demand dynamics and confluence analysis. His disciplined approach, counting pips instead of profits, showcases consistent gains. Lastly, The interview sheds light on risk management, psychological challenges, and Jibriel’s satisfaction with the FundedNext platform. His insights offer inspiration for traders navigating the complexities of financial markets.

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