Insights from Ibukun Omojola, FundedNext Trader

Insights from Ibukun Omojola, a talented FundedNext trader from Lagos, Nigeria, sharing strategies and trading experiences.

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FundedNext is excited to share insights from its conversation with Ibukun Omojola, a talented Lagos, Nigeria, trader who is making waves in the trading community. Ibukun, who is currently studying Computer Engineering, began his trading career in January last year. Over the past 15 months, he has focused primarily on trading gold, a favorite among traders for its volatility.

Ibukun employs a strategy known as Zone Frequency and Recency (F&R), which is based on support and demand. He begins his analysis on the daily chart, then moves to the 4-hour, 1-hour, and finally the 15-minute chart for entries. His approach is to mark the recent highs and lows, wait for price confirmation, and trade accordingly.

Insights from Ibukun Omojola, FundedNext Trader

Ibukun maintains a disciplined risk management approach, aiming for a risk-reward ratio of 1 to 3. He risks 3% of his account daily, and once he reaches his target, he stops trading for the day. Ibukun shared his positive experience with FundedNext, highlighting the responsive customer support and reliable payouts. He appreciates the stability of spreads, even during news events, and finds the trading environment conducive to his strategy.

Reflecting on his journey, Ibukun noted a critical lesson learned from a breached account due to over-leveraging. He emphasizes the importance of staying calm and composed, closing the charts if necessary to avoid emotional trading. Ibukun’s advice for traders struggling to get funded is straightforward: keep going and ensure you are doing the right thing. There is no secret to passing a prop firm challenge; it requires diligently following your trading plan.

FundedNext expresses gratitude to Ibukun Omojola for sharing his insightful experiences and valuable perspectives. His story highlights the crucial role of discipline, strategic planning, and ongoing learning in successful trading. The firm extends its best wishes for his continued success with his newly funded account at FundedNext.

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Ibukun Omojola, a Computer Engineering student from Lagos, Nigeria, shares his experiences as a successful trader with FundedNext. Focusing on gold trading using the Zone Frequency and Recency strategy, he emphasizes disciplined risk management and staying calm during losses. He praises FundedNext’s responsive support and reliable payouts and advises aspiring traders on the importance of following a trading plan.

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