FundedNext Trader Parham Rastizadeh Shares Trading Insights

FundedNext trader Parham Rastizadeh shares trading insights, discussing his journey, strategies, and emotional control techniques.

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Parham Rastizadeh, a trader with FundedNext, shared his experiences and insights into the trading world. Originally from Iran, Parham recently relocated to Toronto, Canada, and has been pursuing his goal of becoming a full-time trader.

Parham’s unique journey into trading commenced at the age of 18, sparked by the advent of Bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrencies. “It was a whole new world,” he reminisces. “I took my first steps, and naturally, I stumbled, as we all do.” However, Parham’s unwavering determination and commitment have borne fruit. He now concentrates on trading gold and Bitcoin, with gold being a particularly appealing asset due to its volatility and potential for significant movements.

When asked about his trading style, Parham described himself as an intuitive trader who follows market trends and social media sentiment. “I follow candles, social media, and what people are talking about, and then I decide,” he explained. This discretionary approach, combined with a disciplined risk management strategy, has helped him succeed in the challenging world of trading.

FundedNext Trader Parham Rastizadeh Shares Trading Insights

Parham underscores the pivotal role of emotional control in trading. “If you can master your emotional state if you can conquer fear and greed, you can turn a profit,” he asserts. “It’s all about mindset.” He reveals that one of his key tactics for maintaining control is to disconnect from his phone and take a break when necessary, preventing impulsive decisions that could result in substantial losses.

Reflecting on his experience with FundedNext, Parham expressed gratitude for the firm’s support and resources. “I want to thank them for their great support. When I need something, their supporters help me. I’m happy with this experience and the timing of the payouts.”

Parham’s story is a testament to the importance of perseverance, emotional control, and continuous learning in the pursuit of trading success. As he continues navigating the markets with FundedNext, his insights and strategies offer valuable lessons for novice and experienced traders.

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Parham Rastizadeh, a trader with FundedNext, shares his trading journey and strategies, emphasizing the importance of emotional control and mindset. Originally from Iran and now in Toronto, Parham focuses on gold and Bitcoin. He values FundedNext’s support and offers insights into intuitive trading and risk management.

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