FundedNext: Thanksgiving Trading Hour Adjustments

FundedNext adapts Thanksgiving trading hour for a smooth experience. Reach out to support for assistance and stay informed.

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FundedNext has released an important update ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, informing its community of temporary adjustments to trading hours during the festive period. The firm aims to ensure a smooth experience for traders while acknowledging the significance of the holiday observance.

In an official communication, FundedNext disclosed that on Thursday and Friday, specific instruments will undergo temporary changes in trading hours to accommodate the Thanksgiving holiday. The adjustment is a strategic move to align with the industry norm of modifying schedules during major holidays, ensuring a balance between operational continuity and acknowledging the significance of the occasion.

Expect temporary changes in trading hours to affect select instruments, with normal trading hours set to resume promptly on Monday, the 27th of November. To clarify and assist traders in adapting to these adjustments, FundedNext has attached an image outlining the modified trading hours for GrowthNext & Incenteco Server. Traders are encouraged to refer to this visual guide for a comprehensive understanding of the altered schedule.

FundedNext’s commitment to trader satisfaction is evident in its proactive approach to communication. The firm urges clients to contact their support team for questions or assistance, reinforcing a client-centric ethos.

FundedNext: Thanksgiving Trading Hour

As the Thanksgiving holiday is a time for reflection and gratitude, FundedNext’s temporary trading hour adjustments reflect an industry-wide trend of adapting to holidays without compromising operational efficiency. The firm’s dedication to keeping clients informed and providing support during this period aligns with its reputation for customer-centric practices.

In preparation for the upcoming holiday season, traders are reminded to stay vigilant and stay informed about any adjustments to trading schedules across platforms. FundedNext’s transparent communication and timely updates serve as a model for how financial institutions can balance operational needs with holiday observances, ensuring a harmonious experience for traders.

Lastly, FundedNext’s announcement of temporary trading hour adjustments for Thanksgiving underscores the firm’s commitment to operational excellence and client satisfaction. Moreover, As traders navigate through the holiday season, FundedNext’s proactive measures aim to provide a seamless trading experience, reinforcing the firm’s position as a reliable partner in the dynamic world of proprietary trading.

Summary Of the News

FundedNext prop firm announces temporary adjustments to trading hours for select instruments during Thanksgiving, effective Thursday and Friday. Average trading resumes on Monday, November 27th. Refer to the attached image for specific GrowthNext & Incenteco Server hours changes. Encourage clients to contact support for assistance, showcasing the firm’s commitment to a seamless trading experience during the holiday. FundedNext’s proactive approach aligns with industry trends in adapting schedules for significant holidays.

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