FundedNext Christmas Trading Hours Update

FundedNext modifies Christmas trading hours for a smoother experience. Stay informed, adapt, and plan your trades accordingly.

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FundedNext Christmas trading hours: FundedNext has informed its traders about temporary changes to trading hours during the upcoming Christmas holiday season. The adjustments will take effect from Monday, December 25th, through Wednesday, December 27th, returning to the regular trading schedule starting Thursday, December 28th.

The company would like all its traders to take note of these modifications to ensure a smooth and informed trading experience during the festive period. Adjusted trading hours will impact certain instruments, reflecting the firm’s commitment to observing the holiday season.

Traders are advised to review the specific changes applicable to the instruments they trade to avoid any potential disruptions. This proactive communication from FundedNext aims to assist traders in planning their activities effectively and adapting to the temporary alterations in the trading schedule.

These are the Updated Trading Hours:

FundedNext Holiday Trading Hour Update

FundedNext acknowledges the importance of aligning its operations with the holiday season and expresses appreciation for the dedication and commitment of its trading community. The firm reassures its traders that normal trading hours will resume promptly after the brief holiday adjustments, providing a seamless transition back to the regular schedule.

As the Christmas season approaches, FundedNext extends warm wishes to its trading community, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and shared success during this festive time. Encourage traders to stay informed through official channels and contact the support team for clarifications or assistance with temporary trading hour adjustments.

FundedNext remains dedicated to providing a transparent and supportive trading environment, and these holiday schedule adjustments exemplify the firm’s commitment to facilitating a positive and well-informed trading experience for its community of traders.

Summary of the News

FundedNext Proprietary Trading Firm has announced adjusted trading hours for the Christmas holiday from December 25 to 27. We are advising traders to be aware of these temporary changes, with a return to regular trading on December 28. The modification aims to facilitate a seamless experience during the festive season, ensuring traders can plan and adapt accordingly. Lastly, FundedNext expresses gratitude for its trading community’s dedication and wishes all a joyful holiday season.

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