True Forex Funds Initiates Match-Trader Testing Phase

True Forex Funds initiates the testing phase for Match-Trader, signaling global expansion and innovation in trading solutions.

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True Forex Funds is making significant strides in its trading platform advancements, as evidenced by its recent announcement of initiating the testing phase for its new Match-Trader platform. This move marks an important step forward in the firm’s quest for enhanced trading capabilities, showcasing its commitment to innovation and improving client experience.

The testing phase, set to commence this week just ahead of Friday, marks the culmination of extensive development efforts by True Forex Funds’ dedicated team of developers. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, the firm aims to conduct a thorough assessment to proactively identify and address potential bugs, drawing upon past experiences to ensure the platform’s robustness and reliability.

In light of the upcoming Easter holiday, True Forex Funds will communicate details regarding the impact of market opening hours to its clients later, ensuring transparency and preparedness.

True Forex Funds Initiates Match-Trader Testing Phase

Also, True Forex Funds has successfully concluded contract negotiations with DXTrade, enabling the firm to onboard US clients through DXTrade’s platform. Despite recent concerns regarding DXTrade’s stance on US clients, True Forex Funds’ partnership with the platform has been fortified, bolstered by the closure of CFTC’s investigation and operational approval by the National Bank of Hungary.

True Forex Funds, holding an FX license granted by the Dominican Financial Services, has also explored avenues for obtaining a MetaTrader license. Regrettably, MetaQuotes’ current policy does not support businesses associated with the proprietary trading industry. Despite this setback, True Forex Funds remains open to reintegrating MetaTrader should circumstances change, underscoring its commitment to providing premier trading platforms for its clients.

Following the launch of Match-Trader, True Forex Funds’ immediate priority will be to ensure seamless and efficient service for its clients, prioritizing user experience amidst the pressures inherent in trading. While the partnership with DXTrade is solidified, the firm will focus on optimizing its existing offerings rather than integrating additional platforms at this juncture.

True Forex Funds’ dedication to innovation, client satisfaction, and regulatory compliance underscores its position as a leader in the proprietary trading industry, poised for continued growth and success in the dynamic world of forex trading.

Summary Of The News

True Forex Funds announces the initiation of the testing phase for its Match-Trader platform, marking a significant step in advancing trading capabilities. The firm solidifies its partnership with DXTrade, enabling the onboarding of US clients despite recent concerns. While exploring MetaTrader integration, True Forex Funds prioritizes user experience and efficiency. The firm’s commitment to innovation and client satisfaction underscores its position for global expansion in the forex trading industry.

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