Funded Trading Plus Reinstates Free TradingView 

Funded Trading Plus reintroduces free TradingView, empowering traders with advanced charting and analysis tools for success.

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Funded Trading Plus (FT+) renews its commitment to trader empowerment by reintroducing the Free TradingView option. This strategic decision underscores FT+’s dedication to enhancing trader capabilities and providing invaluable tools at no extra cost.

Traders on the FT+ platform can once again harness the power of TradingView’s renowned charting and trading features. This revival signifies FT+’s dedication to providing its users with top-tier resources to thrive in today’s dynamic markets. By reinstating this partnership, FT+ aims to merge its funding program seamlessly with TradingView’s sophisticated tools, creating a synergy that amplifies traders’ potential for success.

Of particular note is the inclusion of a beta version of the integration, now accessible to all existing FT+ account holders. This beta phase allows traders to explore the revamped interface and functionalities, offering feedback to refine the integration further before its full-scale release.

Funded Trading Plus Reinstates Free TradingView

With TradingView back in the fold, FT+ users can access various benefits. They can leverage TradingView’s advanced charting capabilities, featuring a comprehensive suite of technical indicators, drawing tools, and customizable chart layouts. This integration empowers traders to conduct thorough market analysis, enabling more informed decision-making and streamlined trading workflows.

Furthermore, TradingView’s robust social features enable FT+ users to engage with a vibrant community of traders. Moreover, they can share insights, collaborate on strategies, and stay abreast of real-time market trends and developments. This fosters an environment conducive to learning and growth, where traders can draw upon collective wisdom to enhance their trading acumen.

FT+’s decision to reintegrate TradingView underscores its commitment to user satisfaction and continuous improvement. Furthermore, by bringing back TradingView at no additional cost and offering a beta version through all existing FT+ accounts, FT+ reaffirms its position as a leader in the prop trading industry, dedicated to empowering traders with the tools they need to succeed.

Summary Of The News

Funded Trading Plus announces the revival of its partnership with TradingView, offering enhanced capabilities to traders at no additional cost. The reintroduction includes a beta version accessible to all existing FT+ account holders, enabling them to explore revamped features. This collaboration provides traders with advanced charting tools, technical indicators, and a vibrant social community for sharing insights and strategies. Lastly, FT+ reaffirms its commitment to user satisfaction and continuous improvement in the prop trading industry.

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