Rafael Verde Soars to Success with The Funded Trader

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In an interview, Miami-based trader Rafael Verde shares his extraordinary journey to success with The Funded Trader, Rafael’s story is one of resilience, strategic evolution, and the transformative power of prop trading. Rafael Verde, a seasoned trader with six years of experience, began his trading ventures with a foray into multi-level marketing and the crypto market.

His journey took a decisive turn when he transitioned to Forex, trading live accounts on platforms like Hugo’s Way. Admitting to initial struggles marked by overtrading and insufficient risk management, Rafael narrates his pivotal moment of shifting from a gambling mentality to a strategic business mindset. As a dedicated day trader, Rafael discusses his preferred trading instruments, which include gold, GBP/JPY, and USD/JPY. He highlights the significance of aligning higher and lower time frames and simplifying technical analysis for effective decision-making.

Rafael Verde Soars to Success with The Funded Trader

A central theme in Rafael’s interview is the crucial role of risk management. Advocating for a consistent risk percentage per trade, Rafael employs a 0.5% risk model and maintains a minimum risk-reward ratio of 1:3. He emphasizes the importance of adapting to diverse market conditions while adhering to a well-structured trading plan.

In a candid moment, Rafael shares his experience with The Funded Trader, the prop firm that played a pivotal role in his journey. Regarding passing the TFT evaluation and securing a substantial 300K account, Rafael reveals a setback due to an overleveraging incident. Despite this challenge, he views it as a valuable lesson, redirecting his focus towards consistency over rapid gains. Presently funded with 2 million, Rafael envisions scaling it up to 4 million by year-end. He focuses on preserving capital while consistently generating profits, aiming for sustained success in the prop trading space.

Rafael Verde concludes the interview by commending TFT for its efficient payouts and highlighting the prop firm landscape as a golden opportunity for aspiring traders. Moreover, His parting words encourage fellow traders to explore the possibilities with TFT and seize the moment in the dynamic world of prop trading.

Summary Of The News

The Funded Trader, led by trader extraordinaire Rafael Verde, is making waves in the prop world. Verde’s expertise and the firm’s innovative strategies are reshaping the trading landscape. Aspiring traders now have a unique opportunity to learn and thrive under Verde’s guidance.

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